How Long Should I Practice For?

Parents often ask me, ‘How long should we be practicing for?’ What parents should understand is that frequency is more important than length. A little bit every day is far more beneficial to the child than one long practice the day before their class! A parent’s most important job in relation to practice is to make the practice… Continue reading How Long Should I Practice For?


Passive versus Active listening

  When I ask my students if they are listening to their CD I get a fairly entertaining array of answers! Most of them are great – listening in the car, during breakfast, before bed, during homework etc. All great passive listening opportunities. Active listening is often overlooked and I think especially when students are… Continue reading Passive versus Active listening

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Finding Perfection

In recent weeks I’ve been getting my students ready for our national graduations. To non-Suzuki readers this is like Suzuki’s answer to the conventional exam system. Students record themselves playing an ‘old’ piece that is at least a book behind their current piece and is pre-assigned by our national Suzuki association, the SEII. As I… Continue reading Finding Perfection


Why You Should Make A Mind Map

Creating a good Mind Map is a task well worth doing. I love to do these every couple of months for news ideas and inspiration. There’s something very therapeutic about doodling the time away on my Mind Map. This is such a simple task and you can spend as much or as little time as… Continue reading Why You Should Make A Mind Map