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2017-18 Plots and Plans

Welcome back everyone!

Wow, that year went so fast. I’ve just looked back at my posts here and it’s a whole year since I posted, and what a year it’s been! I learned so much about teaching and about my role as a teacher last year which I will get into in another post, but for now it’s time to look ahead.

It’s September 1st, and over the past few days I’ve been coming up with all sorts of plots, plans, activities, concerts, get-togethers, meetings, and everything in between.

At the beginning of the year there are always a hundred ideas floating around my brain and realistically I probably only get to put about 2 good ones into action each year. However, one major change for me this year is that I am now full time teaching here in my home and two local schools. I’m no longer travelling for teaching, and my head isn’t divided between two very different music programmes. I’m finally filled with a sense of calm and focus! For the past 10 years I taught with a wonderful music school about an hour away and while essentially I owe my career and my love of music education to them, I felt in recent years that I was itching to go my own way and so in June I bid a very emotional farewell to my students and fellow teachers.

Now that that chapter is closed, I’ve realised how divided my brain was before and I’ve gotten so excited about this year and the future of Ceol Chuilinn here in the West.

In due course I will post more details about my plans hopefully I’ll be able to put lots and lots of them into action!

Here’s to a great year!

ÚnaHello September

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