Going Offline

Not sure where the time has gone over this past two months! It’s been a busy time for various reasons but it’s finally Summer and the bulk of my students are finally finished! I haven’t written a single thing for this site in ages and honestly it’s because I’ve been sort of allergic to technology lately and it happens this time every year as my energy dwindles. My phone drives me nuts really because everything is on there, email, txt, call, ALL the social media accounts and I think I feel like as long as my phone is on I am at work or at least accountable for on any of these platforms. Basically I keep switching my phone off so I too can switch off.

For Ceol Chuilinn I have accounts with Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. It’s not like I actually NEED any of them but I do find myself drawn to them and see opportunities for exposure for either my teaching, teaching ideas, or website on all of those platforms. As well as those there are the WordPress app and Facebook Pages app which I need in order to maintain both the website and my the Facebook page. My own personal social media has taken a back seat in the past year and I’m totally happy with that.


If you haven’t switched off your phone lately I HIGHLY recommend it! It is so relieving! It’s kind of ridiculous that we feel compelled to be online all the time. Like it’s some kind of obligation or something. It’s not, but you won’t know that until you go offline. We don’t realize how stressful it is over time to be in a constant state of ‘someone might need to get in contact’ or ‘I might need to get back to someone’ or ‘what if something happens and someone needs me’.

Things that happen when I go off grid:

  1. I switch myself off too:  It’s like I finally leave work which is difficult when you work from home so switching off from work mode is great if you can manage it.
  2. My brain switches ON:  I always find that once I switch off and stop looking for inspiration and ideas online I become more creative myself. It’s definitely easier to focus without distraction, even if it’s not a distraction in itself it’s the possibility of distraction.
  3. I’m mindful: I’m more aware of what I’m doing, where I am, and who I’m with.
  4. I talk to real people:  I would say I’m slightly introverted so engaging with people online is always a nice safe distance for me but I know nothing compares to the real deal!
  5. I become happier:  Once I switch off and don’t compare myself to any person or business online I feel much better. There’s a weight that lifts off my shoulders and I genuinely feel like I wake up and am more aware of what’s actually going on around me. I definitely pay more attention to my partner, family and friends too. That’s always good!
  6. I daydream:  Never underestimate the power of daydreaming! You’d be amazed at the inspiration and creativity that comes from daydreaming.
  7. Nobody actually cares:  No FOMO over here!
  8. I’ve no idea what time it is:  Honestly. I don’t wear a watch so my phone is my clock (and alarm clock which I know is really bad – I did try an alarm clock but hated the sound of it)!! Anyway, it’s really liberating to lose track of time.



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