Why You Should Make A Mind Map

Creating a good Mind Map is a task well worth doing. I love to do these every couple of months for news ideas and inspiration. There’s something very therapeutic about doodling the time away on my Mind Map.

This is such a simple task and you can spend as much or as little time as you like on it.


  1. It helps you organise your thoughts in one place: When you’re as busy as we all tend to be, teachers, parents, students inclusive, you can feel like you are juggling and grasping at straws. Mapping out your thoughts is like filing your paperwork. It’s so simple and you’re not changing anything, you’re just organising it.
  2. It gives you an idea of how the areas of your life connect with each other: Again with our busy schedules and various activities and interests there is nothing better than seeing all of these connect in front of you. Mapping out all of these areas of your life or job can help you connect the dots. You may even see ways to kill many proverbial birds with one stone leaving you more free time to spend with loved ones, or scheming up another project!
  3. Your aims and ideas are clear and visual in front of you making them feel real and achievable: They can seem airy-fairy in your mind but once they are on paper you can feel more connected to them. I feel the act of writing them down can be almost like a commitment or like you’re finally saying yes I can do this, or yes I want to be this person.
  4. It lets you know if you have too much on your plate: While I love to do these Mind Maps and love when they make me feel empowered and organised, I’ve also been able to look at the map and think ‘this is too much, there is no way I can sustain all of these aspects’. This might seem like a negative outcome but in fact it’s the opposite. Why wait for the burnout?! Get yourself sorted, delegate, offload and prioritise. Realising this before the burnout is invaluable and well worth it.
  5. You can make your dreams a reality: Why not pick a seemingly unachievable goal and see if you can break it down so that it becomes achievable? Why not! 20151204_114627

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